Friday, November 11, 2011

On Vet Day 11-11-11

by RmOlano

There were times when as a non US citizen I was categorized as a mercenary which by definition can be argued as somewhat closer to the classical definition of the word. But having earned the right to be a US citizen while in active duty, I can honestly claim that I am with my country's Navy.

"Again, I do thank our Brother for his acknowledgement and glad that he accepted the fact that those who chosen to raised their right hand to serve and protect the Constitution of their ADOPTED country have the moral responsibility to carry it through. The negative connotations, innuendos and speculation against the country I honorably served in uniform for twenty-one years is not something I will take lightly though. Despite of my heritage and culture of "old country," despite of my color and physical feature, despite of my language accent and grammar, the day I wear the uniform of U.S. and swear to defend it's Constitution against foreign and domestic--- I am no longer what I used to be. More than once, I and those who were neither citizen of both countries were labeled "mercenaries." For those who allowed themselves to be "conscripted" and did it for the money--- the label could be true but for those of us from poor families without padrinos and connections, saw the "conscription" as a chance, as an opportunity to make our lives better. Maybe some of the readers may call it, unpatriotic, they have their opinions and properties in the Philippines, but I have my American dream, a small house, a job, and college opportunities for my children. Between paying taxes, voting in local and national elections, jury duties and Naval Service, for all intent and practical purposes, I am an American and I do not appreciate anyone bashing MY country---the United States of America."


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