Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cymbals Or Trumpets

by RmOlano

The less you feel the pain, the less you care or love.

Reaction to sorrow depends on individual threshold of pain. Holy persons might react the way religious people believed that their “… suffering can make us more sensitive servant of God” however, normal people prefer not to endure pain or be subjected to misery. Saints loved to be blamed and be kicked around, pa-awa (self-pity) syndrome; they loved the word, "Kawawa naman ." People turn to God mostly if the situation is so hopeless, "Magdasal na lang tayo " Downtrodden mortal beings are "more" sensitive because there is nothing left, no more humanly possible option. People who known pain typically try to forget the feeling, we put distance between ourselves from that experience. Pain and suffering are usually something not to be shared with.

It is hard talk about God without getting into religion which resembles as discussing national economic condition without discoursing politics. In light of numerous and consistent posting of topic about how the Brethren thought what God wants us to do, what we should do to please Him, how suffering is a way of God’s demonstration of power, etc., I ask the Brethren indulge me to make some observation about this subtle proselytizing. Let remind ourselves that disagreement does not correlate to disrespect. I do respect each individual belief and I expect the same in return. One, No mortal being knows what God is thinking, we could only guess and hope what we did is close to what we approximate to His wish. Two, all “Holy Books” were written by mortals with biased agenda bar none. Three, "GOD" is not a name; it is a title like Christ or GAOTU. Knowing His personal name is to embark on a journey which for some is a lifetime commitment and finding out His real name is to know the Ultimate Truth.

Many people try to "talk" to God but only few could claim that they heard Him "talked back." Many would attest that the "voice" they heard was their conscience. Now, if those Christian brothers who love to quote these metaphors from their Volume of Sacred Law (VSL) could tell this free thinker that the "voice" I heard was not my conscience or my soul but from the Spirit I talked and prayed, would that meant that the Spirit is in my body? If that is the case and if it is true, then the logic would be that I am also I AM WHAT I AM? These questions that being asked are meant not to trifle the Brother person or feeling but to teach me an important lesson in Freemasonry --- Searching for that which was lost.

The practice of preaching one's religious leaning with such regularity lead people like me to believe that they seems know what they are talking about. Asking for light to those who appear to possess some sort of heavenly insight and purposely discount inquiries to these "heavenly messages" is very disappointing to say the least.

In the spirit of being on the level, for those who love to post issues or messages on public domain, it is civilized to respond to question posed by those who took time to read their thought. It is rude and ill manner to ignore serious questions especially when one is professing to have the intellectual well of knowledge of the given subject. An "I don’t know" answer is an acceptable response for not everybody has an answer to all possible problems. Bypassing the question and pressing into other topic shows that these postings are just a sound of emptiness of tinkling cymbals instead of silver trumpets in the early dawn and eve of day. If these faithful disciples of their chosen faith desire to convert unbelievers, they should stand up, explain and/or defend their Dogma otherwise, these preaching are just a show of  “I am holier than thou” which meant nothing except showing the hollowness of such character.


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