Saturday, October 08, 2011

To My Brother


…. To my dear true brother….

We disagreed on the issue that all Holy Books were written by human with biases and agenda. According to Christian Bible, the only instructions written by God himself were given to Moses and he broke it because people don’t believe him. If we consider that “somebody” made the prophets and apostles to do what they did--- then should we free a whole lot of people incarcerated in jails because, “somebody/someone” made them did what they did? If we have confidence in those stories/legends made by people who went to wilderness and came back half starve to death and almost crazy with thirst and declared that they have “seen the light” then so be it. However, I don’t hence, we are in disagreement. The Christian Bible was assembled from very selected writings collected by early Christians. The selection process was highly politicized and those who were not in agreement were eventually banished to the desert monasteries. The Council of Nicaea in 325 AD laid the ground rule of what will be acceptable or heretical. As we know, the Council was called by Constantine for political reason and was attended by about 200-300 Bishops out of about 1800 throughout Christian world. The Christian Bible or as Freemasons call it along with Quran/Koran, Talmud, Tao-te-ching, Upanishads, Bhagadvad Gita, Analects, etc., as one of the “Volume of Sacred Law.” They are only applicable to those who believe in it.

Christians were proclaiming the nearness of “end” of the World for almost 2000 years. They truly believed that the time has come when Crusaders took Jerusalem from Muslims, as they and their neighbors Jews and Muslims alike were slaughtered by invading Crusaders---kill them all, God will sort out who are His flock ordered by the Pope. Then came World War 1, WW2, Cold War, etc. Fear is a powerful weapon that has been consistently used by those with power throughout the ages to control people mind/behavior. Fascist, Communists, terrorist, non-Christians, Anunakis, you name it, name calling were used by everyone even religious leaders. I agree that this world will come to an end but it’ll take a while. The history of this world were shaped by shifting continents, earth crusts colliding with each other thereby creating new landscapes that has direct effect on living things inhabiting the surface. This process continues unabated since time immemorial with or without human existence in consideration.

There was a time when knowing ones name is a sign of acknowledgement of being equal or superior. That’s why commoners call their owners as e.g., “Lord of Brittany” or simply “Lord.” It was punishable by death if commoners to even look on their King’s face as much as calling the King with his first name such as Richard. Name is or was as personal that you can be with that individual therefore; God’s name is no different. To claim to know God’s personal name is the mother of all claim if you ask me. Titles such as God, Christ, Ama, Banal na Isa are NOT names, they are substitute to a real name like Rodolfo who you call utol. Though the idea is the same (person or being) the designation is unique i.e., there are many Rodolfo but you only have one utol. If you redefine the meaning of utol but retained the meaning of who I am then you can have many utol as you like but only one real brother--- me. There is a difference between name and title.

All-Seeing Eye
There is notion that calls for a study of how to be a moral and ethical man, an idea of making good men to be a better man. This concept has a very basic rule that to be accepted into the mist is that a man has to have belief in Supreme Being and Afterlife. The candidate’s particular Faith is immaterial and no relevance to the Craft--- only his character and his willingness to “improve himself” are essential prerequisite. This study was often described as “a system of morality veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols.” One of the major lesson or mysteries is not to accept literally of what we see, hear or feel for there might be messages hidden beyond the thin veil of façade we often encounter in our experience we know as life. Sadly to say that most Brethren stopped in searching for that which was lost and were satisfied to the given substitute which led me to ponder --- we stopped because we already found what we are looking for hence, at peace with ourselves or are we aware that looking for answer is far easier than knowing the question? A path to enlightenment is to inquire when I can see the darkness of my soul for only the All-Seeing Eye can see what is in my heart. To be able to see through the depth of shallow mortal existence is to approximate one’s nearness to the final stage of illumination and perhaps to immortality.


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