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… in my research, IGLPI has been found to be regular in origin and practice. how do you think can it best get recognition from other Grand Lodges—Bro CarlosS

First allow me to thank you for throwing a very interesting inquiry which without a doubt some our Masonic scholars in Masonic jurisprudence are certainly grappling for the answers. Far from possessing in-depth knowledge of intricacies of the Grand Lodge policies, my opinion in your inquest is only one of million views available out there in the galaxy of thought of those who care about the subject.
Each Grand Lodge is sovereign entity and can declare blue as black or yellow as orange. Once approved by membership, no other Grand Lodge can change that decision and the only option is to “withdraw” their “recognition.” That is the nature of being sovereign. Many Grand Lodges took years to be recognized by other Grand Lodges, the Grand Lodge of Japan took a “beating” before GLP finally recognized its “own” daughter. We heard the word “Time and patience will take care of things” from one of our lectures. For those who can’t wait--- the quickest way is the hardest option. This is for GLP to let go the mentality that GLP is the sole “authority” of all Masons in the Philippines. For GLP to consider that “territorial exclusivity” is as always a political tool to gain control of claimed territory. Many countries do have multiple Grand Lodges in their country and they all co-exist in harmony e.g. US with fifty Grand Lodges, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. If GLP extend its right hand to IGLPI and as well as to GLNF, it’ll be a downhill run from then on.
From what I gathered, IGLPI is expanding as new Lodges are being consecrated. Although creating more Lodges under IGLPI has certainly had a positive trend, the quality of IGPI membership will make the difference between the Masonic Bodies. Let us remind ourselves that Freemasonry is not intended to be a large organization, there are requirements to be satisfied---mental aptitude, financial ability, and upright character. The credibility of the organization in terms of moral and ethical doings of its officers and members are visible to the public especially to those who want to follow the footsteps of “those who have gone that way before.” There is no need to neither produce fancy slogans nor toot their own horn; good men will be attracted to same caliber of men they want to be associated with. Freemasonry is not about networking, rings, dues card, car decals or “my gang is better than yours.” It is an ideal within a group of good men who strive to be a better man, men with morals, and employs ethical values in their daily life will be always be recognized --- if not on this earth, it will in a place where the ultimate Truth would bestow him his place in an Ark anchored within the peaceful harbor where at last we can unload our human baggage and be at peace at last.  

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