Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So Mote It Be

by RmOlano

It was a nice piece about the phrase that we Masons used regularly, “So Mote It Be.” The explanation of transformation of an old Anglo-Saxon word from MOTAN to MOTE offers an answer to a question of what “mote” does really means. Its one of those phrases and words that seems different but the meaning remains the same such as from old French word “frere mason” meaning “brother mason” which when translated/adapted to English becomes “freemason” as explained in Born in Blood and also mentioned in Morals and Dogma.

Another thing that drew me to the article was the substitution of the word “Amen” to “So Mote It Be.” If we step back a bit, we will find “So Mote It Be” as modern term relative to the word “Amen.” Amen is a name of one of the ancient Egyptian gods whose name means hidden, cloaked from view. This god is supposed to be responsible for creation and often depicted as a man with head of the frog, a lion ready to paunch, etc. One known Egyptian king called himself Amen-hotep or Son of Amen who wanted to change his kingdom religion from worshiping Amon- the Sun. Incidentally, his father is called Amon-hotep. This sacrilegious attempt, made Amenhotep so unpopular that after he died, the subsequent king ordered his name to be erased from every record/history of the land.

Anyway, I do not hold a degree in Egyptology and you could further research that issue somewhere else, the point I am making is that by not uttering the word “Amen” does not mean we/Masons are not subscribing to the Christian tradition/ beliefs. It is the opposite, we are not invoking an Egyptian god at the end of the prayer instead we use a phrase which some thought, it’s un-Christian. We end our prayer by agreeing to the “Will of the Eternal.” As the short article mentioned, "So Mote It Be. It is not blind submission, nor dumb resignation, but a wise reconciliation to the Will of the Eternal.” We pray in hope that our wish is in harmony to His Will. No amount of prayer will change His plan for just because it is in our or individual advantage. The basic design has already been drawn on the Trestle Board. The Great Architect of the Universe could "enter the temple at high twelve when the craftsmen were called from labor to refreshment, to see any improvement could be made, in strength or ornaments…" It is His Will to change things for better, we only hope and communicate to Him by prayer that our own human desire falls in along with His plan.


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