Saturday, April 14, 2007

Neutrality and Harmony

by RmOlano

In an excellent article written by Brother Alfred Ferrer of Malinaw Lodge No. 25 (F&AM) of San Pablo City, Philippines who said that despite of what or how the law was written, it is immoral to judge other without knowing oneself and conscience. He urged us to make a decision and "choose what is right, as soon as you are convinced that it is right." I am in agreement with our Brother that playing deaf and blind after hearing more than one side does not make the listener exempt from making at least an opinion. Taking neutrality or sitting on the fence to maintain "the peace and good order" despite of possession of the facts is about playing safe----Brother Alfred called it sin, a transgression if one failed to "see to it that the gifts endowed to us as human beings have been used to the fullest." I concur that it is a human failure to choose not make a stand on an issue. Brother Mario Baylon of Australia once described and witnessed a sad chapter when "harmony at all cost" pervaded an organization with disastrous result. We can keep harmony if we can maintain the Truth, for without it there are no Brotherly Love, no Relief and yes, no Harmony.

The VW Ben Apacible collection of papers which he made available to everyone interested is an excellent tool to "see" a glimpse of the story behind the story and a resource to be considered before attending the GLP Annual Communication. The "Recent Events in Philippine Masonry" even included photocopies of actual documents complete with signatures and photos released by the Grand Lodge. To those who want to take time and view the other side of the coin, and I suggest please do, remember that the VW wrote as an introduction that "I only presented facts, no conclusions were made and I leave it up to the reader to make his conclusion(s)." We don't have to go though Scottish Rite (A&ASR) degrees to appreciate the understanding that Balance is very important in our lives.

I trust that the factual information will be presented and decision be made at GLP ANCOM. May the sound of silence in favor of political correctness of maintaining harmony be overwhelmed by the voice of majority not only because of Justice but of a notion called Morality. After all in response to Albert Mackey, Albert Pike wrote that, "Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols."


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