Sunday, April 08, 2007

About They

Letters and Figures
by RmOlano

If people don’t like an idea and disagree with opinions, rational thinking minds would debate the issue. Civilized people will stay away from attacking the speaker/writer instead, as this tactic only confused the subject and side track the dialogue. If an entity identified as “they” could only elucidate where they stand on issues, we could quantify the result and determine the real intent instead of relying on wishful thinking.

Though this writer is not sure of the veracity of the claim, for the sake of discussion, let us agree that the Brother does have a first hand knowledge of the existence of a group he called, "they" and what he wrote were factual. I have to disagree in his assertion, based from private emails this writer were receiving. The gang-like mentality of the “they” group indicates that “they” do not have the intellectual monopoly of declaring my postings as “biased and full of hatred.” Therefore, expecting a mea culpa to satisfy the whim of “they” is delusional and cockeyed. If the “they” group thought that the lesson of 3rd Degree is about physical discomfort and “fun” inside the preparation room, I must then question what kind of Freemasonry these people are associated with?

One of the shining citadels of principle the Craft is so proud of is the notion of religious tolerance. Freemasonry does not favor a certain religion but accept ALL beliefs in Supreme Deity and as a result major religious organizations issued formal/official documents not in favor of our existence. If a simple opinion can be dismissed and declared contrary to the liking of “they,” how we can expect that “they” can perform the very ideal “they” supposed to “teach?” A certain view that upset the sensibility of those who are close to flawlessness can be a legitimate criticism and not necessarily classified as “biased and full of hatred.” As I asked before, was it because a gang-like mentality crept in, pollution of our rank by undesirables, and/or members were conditioned to obey without thinking? Do we see a Pavlovian training which accept the notion of “benevolent dictatorship?”

Freemasonry is more than fraternity of individuals bonded for a common purpose; it is more than rituals, impressive sounding titles, and ring or dues card. Albert Pike wrote in response to Albert Mackey, “…it is a system of morality, veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols.” Freemasonry is not determining who are Masons or non-Masons, clandestine or regular, it is not about “they” or “us.” If this student of the Craft maybe allowed hypothesizing, it is about learning how to keep ones apron spotless, decoration and color does not matter for it would not mean anything when the time comes to present it.


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