Monday, February 22, 2010

Greatness And Immortality

by RmOlano

Not expected to be called upon but being trained as a Boy Scout, Always Prepared.

Greatness and immortality are words that could be interchanged, as its core idea is almost the same. Numerous definitions from different sources would come down to splitting hair but what really count is what we ourselves characterize these words--what we understand and believe what greatness and immortality means. Micro and Macro are also words though almost spelled the same—difference of “I” and “a” but the meanings are past interpretation. Tactical or Strategic, small or large, no medium and no cheese—sounds like my recent lunch at mikeedee.—can I have number 1 to go?

Greatness and immortality can be seen through macro lens as building an empire and leaving monuments to trumpet that achievement like Ceasars of Rome. Then there are those who choose to see the notion thru micro lens and believed what was accomplished is just a common sense and in modern idiom “right thing to do.”

Growing up in Olongapo City, I was fortunate enough to be watched and taken under the wings of many great men of Lincoln Lodge No 34. In 1976 after acceptance to the Craft, it was my distinct privilege and pleasure to call one of those stalwarts of the community to be my brother. This is big time—macro-strategic sense. This issue put me into unique situation as the son of my newly found brother—my friend Leo is now my nephew and I am his uncle or dad?

We gather here tonight to honor and be a part of an event--- mostly likely a no big deal for the couple who spent their lifetime together for 65 years --- and counting. Knowing their humbleness and low keyed demeanor, this is a micro with small “i.”—no big deal. (no cheese, make it small coke — drive thru). However, this is macro “with capital A” for us privileged to witness, participate, and enjoy this occasion of greatness and immortality. Greatness as evidenced through your children now with their own thriving families. Immortality because your legacy will be etched in our memories forever.

In behalf of all used to be young boys and girls of youth groups sponsored by Lincoln Lodge, we thank you for you guidance, patience, and vision. I personally thank you for being a part of your 65th Wedding Anniversary.

*** The above article was written for 65th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Armando Lincangco, PM held at College Park, Wash DC. WB Mando was the Master of Lincoln Lodge No. 34 during the author's election and subsequent initiation to Freemasonry in summer of 1976.


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