Saturday, February 14, 2009

Broken Column and Virgin Weeping

by Rudy Olano

I pasted my previous “take” on the meaning of virgin weeping and broken column issue which according to the writer is incorrect and postulated that “Blue Masonry” is either ignorant or purposely mislead us for some purpose “they alone could comprehend.” The writer depended heavily on Pike’s Morals and Dogma and accused the “Blue Masonry” of its ignorance or failure to explain the switching of the meanings. The last sentence of the fourth paragraph of the preface of Morals and Dogma bluntly states that “Perhaps it would have been better and more acceptable if he (Albert Pike) has extracted more and written less.”

We are in agreement of the phrase “a system of morality veiled in allegory” therefore, we could also agree that the virgin weeping could be Osiris, Venus, or Sophia. We could also agree that the old man stroking the ringlets of the virgin/female hair could be Time or death itself . It seems like the “lion” himself understood and accepted that the “marble monument” was erected in honor of GMHA but tenaciously insist that “Blue Masonry” took the meaning backwards. According to his interpretation and “little sleuthing” it should be broken column is the unfinished temple, and virgin weeping is expression of sadness INSTEAD of broken column is the death of GMHA, and virgin weeping is the unfinished temple. The GLP Committee on Works obviously understood what the symbolism means and disagreed with the Worshipful Brother. My interpretation and understanding can be read below (by the way, I am the “paraphrasing brother” he was referring to):

“The California Cipher of Grand Lodge of California which is the equivalent of our monitor shows almost word for word similarity of the issue. My Cipher is published by Allen Publishing Co. of Richmond, Virginia dated 2003.

My understanding is that the temple we are building is the temple within ourselves. This temple is to be supported by wisdom, strength, and beauty. Hiram abif represents one of the three pillars and his death was represented by a broken column---he is the broken column. The symbolism is about HA death or destruction of the pillar and not the status of the temple. The virgin is weeping not because of HA death but due to unfinished condition of the temple for without one to support of the others, the temple would be weak. Time however comforts her and reminds her and us that time, patience and perseverance will accomplish all things.

Masonry teachings as we know it should not be taken literally. It’s veiled in allegory and full of symbolism. The beauty of the study is the challenge to understand things that we don’t. Not because we don’t understand something doesn’t means it is wrong. The real challenge is not to ask for an answer but to know what is the question.”

I respect the writer’s opinion and his persistence to the issue however; I am in disagreement regarding the overture that some unknown entity called “Blue Masonry” as either ignorant or so smart to “waylay the gullible and unsuspecting brothers.” Despite the disclaimer statement at the end of the article, his conjecture which borders to Conspiracy Theorist, is out of order. There is no such thing as Masonic or Appendant Body called, “Blue Masonry.” We all know that a “Blue Lodge” means ---- a Lodge of EA, FC and MM. The Worshipful Brother is reading and believing a tad bit more than he should to Morals and Dogma and probably have been confused on who’s trying to confuse who. Maybe he meant the “Blue Degrees” which according to Pike “are but outer court or portico of the Temple” for which “the mass of those called Masons” think they understand the symbols but in reality “intentionally misled by false interpretation.” (Morals and Dogma, Richmond, p. 819). According to Pike, it is the “Blue Degrees” that is being misled while the real meaning is reviled only to the “Adepts, Princes of Masonry “whoever those people might be. With all humility and brotherly love I could offer, I would like to counsel our esteemed Brother to ease off on double edge meaning or double headed idea. A true Prince of Royal Secret knows the importance of balance or equilibrium.

It has been said before those Masonry teachings as we know it should not be taken literally. They are veiled in allegories and full of symbolisms. The beauty of the study of the Lessons/Mysteries is the challenge to understand things that we don’t. Not because we don’t understand something means it is wrong.


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