Sunday, July 20, 2008

Secrets of the Craft

by Rudy Olano

If there is a secret to be known in our Fraternity, it is the fact that we have no secret worthy of exchange of anybody --Mason or non-Masons life. If the post is referring to the "lost word" since all Master Masons were told of the "secret" substitute of the Lost Master's word, one can find that in Royal Arch Degree in York Rite. Once he knew of that which we are in search of --- he might be surprised that it is not really a secret after all. If our Brother is talking about our rituals, all someone has to do is to type "Duncan Rituals" in any Internet search engines or buy that book on any book store. Those are not secret anymore. It is pointless to pretend there are or is a secret when reality states otherwise

Veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols. There are lessons in our Craft that are NOT to be taken literally. The hourglass is not about time keeping instrument equivalent to modern watch but it represents human life. The scythe is supposed to be the symbol of time yet the lecture was about death. This why studying lectures, symbols and allegories in our Craft are fascinating. In delving into the lessons of the Craft the number one lesson is not to take anything on its face value. There are meaning(s) behind the symbols, letters, figures and characters--- representations of a message.

Our rituals including obligations were the relics of the past; those were our links to the Craft's rich heritage of the by-gone days. Old or ancient maybe but they are worth keeping since they meant something which teaches us that Freemasonry is a study of science of morality, veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols. Deciphering or revealing the meanings of symbols and allegories contained in the series of Degrees is what the students of the Craft are studying for. To open up the knowledge we could use for constructing a building not made by hands eternal in heaven. "Secrets" or morality lessons we could share with our fellow human beings for our collective benefit which hopefully makes this world a better place to live. Those are lessons or lights in Freemasonry that needs to be shared and not kept as secrets

From operative to speculative, from solving mathematical problems to philosophical issues, even distinguished Masonic scholars were at odds in describing what is Freemasonry. If this humble writer could hazard an opinion, viewing Freemasonry is similar to defining beauty. What viewers see will depend on many things including what the eyes want to see. Demanding for further light is of no use if the eyes remain close not to mention distortion of light waves if selected filter is involved. Some of us ended our search for that which was lost in the Royal Arch degree. Maybe because we believe that the search was about Faith. For those who did not waver in their Faith, it is beyond that—something filtered through the calibrated prism of his choosing. People wears different lenses, different filters. Some found their Truth by wearing their shades and discovered peace within their own temple, while some continue to remain on their steed to hunt the fire-breathing dragon or to seek out for their own personal version of Holy Grail.

There is no argument about the lessons veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols. The challenge has always been deciphering those lessons but more important is the application of those what we discovered. Those are the "secrets" that this traveler seeks. Lessons that could make good men a better man who in the process positively influences everything in his path. ---lessons that could be use to the betterment of this world. Lessons that should be shared and not kept as secrets.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

I found what you wrote here to be interesting. In a sense it reminded me of the finding of the once secret Gnostic Gospels.

I think that when something becomes accessible to the masses it does not necessarily guarantee that the masses will understand - much less Understand.

So perhaps some secrets can still exist out in the open ;-)