Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not A High Point


the following are excerpts from postings before and after being banned from a Filipino Masonic discussion group:

“Anyone is free to leave the fraternity or this group if one feels that it no longer fits his views” because “we are always governed by certain rules which we abide.” But before someone pick up his marbles and leave to tell mother that there are bullies in the playground, let me ask for clarification of seemingly well thought “to prevent animosity it was decided not to identify a brother belonging to a certain jurisdiction.” Who was the “it” that made the decision? Did the moderators got together and agreed to this idea or maybe the group was consulted for their opinions and concurred that this is the right thing to do for the benefit of the group? Or this is another example of what the VW Jim Best posted earlier, “This smacks of the same dictatorial policy the immediate Past Grand Master was accused of...”

While it is true that we all come to this group on “our own freewill and accord” but that does not give anyone a license to shove anything to member’s throat. This is not an example of a notion we all proud to flaunt around. Quoting Bro Baltazar of Oceanside-San Dieguito No. 381 earlier post, “This is not Freemasonry to me”--- that would be interesting item on T-shirts and most especially on a banner.

Despite of what happened, I am still holding my ground that the group is not connected or in the words of a Brother "front of iGLP." The recent petty ruling of site owner that can be best summarized by VW Jim Best as "dictatorial" comment has the intent of preserving harmony within the group by burying ones head in the hole so to speak. It has a good intention but was poorly conceived, assessed as well as dismally executed.

As I mentioned to VW Ben Apacible, I wish the unfortunate incident did not torpedoed what he is laboring ever since the schism finally exploded. I am urging the Brother to reconsider his feelings regarding IGLPI Brethren. They are OUR Brothers of the Craft regardless of how some in GLP distorted the real meaning of "clandestine."

For a site that is so proud or being loud about "Brotherly Love," the recent experience with the group was certainly not a high point of being a Filipino Freemason.


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