Saturday, May 24, 2008

Failure to Act


The failure of Acacia Fund is the failure of people who composed or belongs to a certain group/brand of Fraternity either through indifference, lack of moral values and/or total ignorance of what Freemasonry is about. It is not the Craft fault to be used as a base for ego tripping, it is not the Fraternity's Landmarks to elect leaders and members who will bring shame to the Order, it is not Freemasonry's objective to turn the organization into vehicle of social welfare, good-old-boy-network or stepladder to "fame" by those who crave for self gratification.

The Fraternity is an avenue where men can practice a notion called, Freemasonry--- an ideal such as this doesn't die or get corrupted, it is those with weak moral values that fails --- not the Craft itself. Hence, with all due respect my Brother, through I would venture to say that I understand the point of the message, I am in disagreement as to where the failure must be blamed to.

We should call spade a spade--- those who allow such things happen in the name of "Harmony," those who call themselves "Masons" who kept silent in fear of being castigated by those in power, and those who chose to bury their head and turned their backs to the "Truth" are equally guilty of letting our Fraternity into disarray. The failure of GLP's Acacia Fund is a failure of Filipino men who called themselves "Masons." It was a failure to act and let a small number of real Masons to take the brunt of the work. Fence sitters with weak moral resolve, opportunists who looked out for their own agenda and those men who think wearing a ball cap, ring or sporting a "Masonic" T-shirt makes them a Mason---pathetic men who think they found the secret of Freemasonry must share the burden of this failure.


*** originally posted at Filipino Masons-Independent and Free blog.

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