Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Question

by Rudy Olano
Hanford Lodge No. 279

"I trust this finds you well. I hope you do not find this improper and if so then please forgive me on basis of my age (19), but after reading your posts, you seem to posses an understanding and wisdom that far surpasses many others therefore may I ask the question which you recently asked me:

Is your involvement in the Masonic doctrine part of your search for the Light?"


Let me thank you for the very nice words which seems to validate your rationale for apologizing. If you look hard enough you will find that your expectation might be in jeopardy. Nevertheless, in behalf of those who did not received your full attention, allow me if I may, to accept your thought in their behalf.

Somebody said that it is far easier to ask for answers than knowing the question. I indeed asked you a question and your response was quite a statement--- “a subject of every waking moment.” Your question regarding morality did elicit a lively reaction from the group including a fellow with a MA degree in Philosophy. You certainly know how to raise relevant issues--- you know your questions. An advance way of thinking with, should I say, a hint of yearning in Searching for that Which was Lost.

To your question, as my journey is not yet complete so, let me suggest that the answer is the other way around. It is the search for what Freemasonry is all about that I begin to understand that I lost something valuable and that I have to travel over a rough and rugged road bisected with trials and tribulations to find what I am searching for. --- Only to find out that I already know the answer, I just did not want to admit it.

So, here we are, where we started, a question to answer an inquiry. A familiar phrase to all Brethren of the Craft---What came you here to do? One way to answer that is to look deep into our heart----for yet another question.


*** How pleasant it is to dwell in the knowledge that upon reaching lawful age the young man was properly vouched for and continued his search by knocking and gaining admission. May he find himself in his travel as well. ***


Unknown said...

This article was written Saturday of the 19th April of 2008; half a decade after, here i am dilemma sunk in as to where the question of a 19 year old young man started and what was opined...

pardon for the late enthusiasm...
Bro. Ernie P. Rivera

RmOlano said...

I thank my dear old Brother & friend for "late enthusiasm" and spending his time reading my ramblings. My guess of where the young man question started was when I asked him if he is searching for something that was lost in response to his previous postings. My response to his inquiry is the other way around from what he was expecting. In finding what is Freemasonry is about that I found that I did not lost something as it was there all along, I just don't want to admit it.