Thursday, April 17, 2008

Black Cube Reject

by Rudy Olano
Hanford Lodge No. 279

Numerous articles and debates about the “Tyranny of the Black Cube" has been on going for sometime, along with other issues such as regularity of certain "brand" of Freemasonry, women, spawning of breakaways "Grand Lodges," etc. The current system of one negative overruling the majority of positive votes was adopted with a thought of preserving harmony within the Lodge in particular and the Fraternity in general. A candidate that is acceptable by all members of the Lodge not by some or portion thereof is a key and major contributor to the continuing vitality of the Craft.

Granted that investigation has been conducted and recommendations were signed by members of the Lodge but as long as the rule of “black cube reject" endures, the Lodge must honor this time honored tradition. We have been participant of multiple elections of the same candidate on the same meeting to "ensure there was not a mistake" and/or subjected to a "raised voiced" from the East questioning the integrity of the unknown brother who caste the offending vote. When harmony of the Lodge is being disturbed because of a nonmember/candidate, one begins to ask the brotherhood aspect of the Lodge. A petitioner desire over a brother's feeling or thought about somebody wanting "to participate in our privileges?"

An indication of concern if not a flat out rejection by a non-member of a Lodge is to my opinion a separate subject by itself. This is a case of a non acceptance of a single member that overruled the majority. The dissention cannot be generally classified as an abuse but rather an exercise of a Brother’s right not privilege as or if stated in each Lodge constitution. Abuse could also come from implied pressure from others who also have their own agenda. Be it may a friend, relative or simply a true worthy candidate, campaigning to sway the direction of vote is to my myopic opinion does not deserve a time and place within the Lodge. Each of us regardless of current or past office can only cast one ballot; raising tenor from the august chair can only add cloud to otherwise simple affair.

Each Brother must be given a chance to formulate his own decision. Let him step in the center of the mosaic pavement, conduct his business and have peace in his resolve. Each of us is given a chance in full view of every one present to voice what is in our heart. In front of three Great Lights, everyone acknowledge what he is about to do. The sign signifies the acceptance of his responsibilities and wish to forthcoming events. To abuse the solemnity of the proceeding shows the roughness of still unpolished stone. Rough ashlar hoping to be a polished/perfect ashlar someday. If the Fraternity decided to disregard his vote, are we implying to get different stone rather than polishing what we already started?

Our Craft will continue to exist not because of quantity but of the quality. There are traditions worth keeping and I believe the Craft should keep this one.


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