Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chico Alvarez--- A Worthy Brother Mason

Brethren of the Craft,

Let us join hands and salute our very own WB Chico Alvarez by a battery of three in recognition to another well-earned leaf in his laurel of accomplishment. Allow me to share you my Brothers, the good tidings.

“Fiesta Filipiniana had a “Philippine Day in San Diego ” in commemoration of the 109th Philippine Independence Anniversary and the 146th Birthday of the Philippine National Hero – Dr. Jose Rizal. It was held at the Philippine Library and Museum, Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego on June 16, 2007. Part of the program includes Consul General Emeritus Edwin Bael making the Proclamation, and Supervisor Greg Cox making three “Bayanihan” Spirit Awards to: H. Chico Alvarez, Ruel Lupa, and Jimmie Sober for their contributions towards the unity and progress of the Filipino American community. The Andres Bonifacio awards were given to other local companies for their contributions. Leaders and muses of the various Filipino American communities were represented, followed by the release of 109 red, blue, white and yellow balloons, followed by lunch to commemorate the anniversary.”

The WB Chico "the Bandido" Alvarez has so many titles and letters after his name that I have a good chance of missing some. Knowing the WBro, he would not mind but then again it is my loss and my discomfort. So taking the most direct and simple way to summarize and capture all that who he is--- I am honored and privilege to know a truly worthy Brother of the Craft and if I may be allowed to be his apprentice in our honorable trade. May you don't get weary of your passion and continue to share your Light.


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