Saturday, June 09, 2007

Belief in Truth

Rudy Olano, IM

The scathing editorial published in a national newspaper by a reported member of Opus Die is an example of a truly dedicated follower of his chosen dogma. Living in a democratic society, these people have the right to believe what they want to believe. As long as they don’t impose their beliefs on others we could live/exist with them. Unfortunately, sometimes blinded by their unquestioning loyalty, this is an example of people who strongly believe in their faith and those who do not share their vision are considered “bad” and therefore, worthy of unpleasant comments. My God is better than your God syndrome. If you are not with me then you are against me--- a recent presidential gospel and was previously demonstrated by a period in human history known as Inquisition.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people who with their scientific minds want to see proof to consider that there is a Supreme Being. Would they consider there is no air around us since they can’t see it? We can feel the wind, which is a result of moving air, an inflated balloon is not air, it’s the shape of the balloon, a hurricane or tornado is not air but a collection of water, and debris churned by the phenomenon. What composes air? Gases--- different kind such as oxygen, nitrogen, etc. We know air is ever present or else we as human would not survive in this atmosphere/world. Can we see God? Not in these world. Can we feel God’s presence? The answer depends on each individual. A happy occurrence was a result of interconnected events, which turns out to be what we can define as “blessing.” Did God plan it so it’ll turn out that way? Fundamentalists would quickly jump and agree. But how do they know?

I don’t have the answer as much as I don’t know the question. The fact is that I am Searching For That Which Was Lost. The substitute we learned in Third Degree is just that--- a substitute. With all the trials and tribulations as we travel on a rough and rugged road, there is a hope, a pathway that will lead us to the Great Lodge above.

One Great Lesson that Freemasonry teaches us is that when we embark on a travel to foreign countries to earn our wages, we, as the travelers should have the knowledge and skills beforehand to attempt the journey. The hour of departure is always unknown therefore; it is incumbent for the traveler to be ready when the time comes. To prepare for that momentous journey, the Craft teaches us to search for the real Word. We have to look for “It.” Finding the “It” starts with realizing that something was lost. If a man denies this fact---then there is no hope for him to find the Truth. A traveler of time must know the Truth, for without it, for without the Word, for being devoid of real knowledge of the cause of his existence, he will not received his wages upon his arrival to that foreign yet familiar Land.

Companions, be steadfast in your faiths and beliefs, one of the pitfalls of being a freethinker is the exposure to all kinds of information which can truly tax our imagination. Don’t be scared of the unknown. It is understandable for it’s a human nature. We should not even fear death since through its gate we will find what we are all ultimately searching for. Welcome it "not as grim tyrant, but as a kind messenger send to translate us from this imperfect to that all perfect, glorious, and celestial Lodge above where the Supreme Grand Master of the Universe forever presides."


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