Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Finding equilibrium in our daily life is not an art nor science, its more of embracing relativism not so much of transcendentalism often intrinsic to those with docile and  faithful heart.

Extremists comes from all kinds of religious groups, brain washed from young age and never questioned the norm their faith, fanatics who only think of only of their own "salvation" at the expense of others, ignorant beings who thinks their god is better than anyone else. Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc, butchered one another in the name of their god. Human instinct in its rawest form----survival even after death, dreaming of strumming harp with wings at their back and halo over their head, or smiling to the prospect of spending endless time with seventy virgins.  Not all Nigerians are rapist, not all Muslims are Nigerians, not all Filipino politicians are corrupt, not all Masons are good men and not all we read are true. The Prince of the Royal Secret Degree teaches us there is a value in finding the balance in our life--- it could be the secret we are all in search of.

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