Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not Looking For Apology

by RmOlano
27 April 2013

An edited compilation of several exchanges of opinions with a Brother of the Craft at League of Masons forum.
The elected leader of Roman Catholic Church issued a Papal Bull declaring Freemasonry is not compatible to Catholic Dogma. That ruling was never been rescinded, withdrawn, or even modified in since. The letter from the Judicial Vicar of Office of the Archdiocesan Tribunal, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, dated September 15, 2000, to the Masonic Service Bureau of North America of positive support to our Craft is a personal comment that went against the position taken by the highest possible leader of the RCC. It is obvious that even clergy knows who we are and what we stand for but for obvious reason they have to support their leader’s ruling. Let us not forget that the ex-Pope Benedict was the former Cardinal Ratzinger who used to be the head enforcer i.e. Prefect of the Congregation of Doctrine of Faith which was formerly known as Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition or simply Holy Office before his election to the Throne of Peter. He did not introduce an iota of change relative to status of Catholic men joining Freemasonry during his term. Before his predecessor Pope John Paul II passed away the popular Pope issued statement of apology to the victims of the excesses of the Church i.e. mistakes of the institution during the period known as Inquisition. He never ask for forgiveness for the injustice and suffering given to their own servants--- Knights Templar. Only history would tell if this new Pope will see different light and be bold enough to acknowledge that the Craft is not a threat to the Catholic Church. It is the myopic vision of those who are afraid to lose power and control of their fiefdom are the real threat to the soul of this Western ecclesiastical establishment.

Inquisition is persecution. When people were burned alive, tortured or thrown to dungeon for mere suspicion of being a Freemason, engaged in witchcraft, homosexual or believing such a blasphemous thought such as the world is round and rotates around the sun, the entity which allows, condones, sponsored such heinous acts ceased it legitimacy to claim that God is on their side. Anyone who tries to argue with those who believe that there is justification that Inquisition was a legitimate action against "...members committing acts contrary to its beliefs, doctrine, precepts and law..." and agree "that's regulation" should be forewarned of the futility so such exchange. Spanish Inquisition was blessed and carried out by members of the RCC. Though Jews and Muslims were the original targets, later on these purging activities specifically latched on any suspected or actual Freemasons. This far reaching cleansing action can be attributed to the executions of Freemasons in the Philippines notably to a fellow known as Jose Rizal.
Bro Kenneth Gibala, PM, Benjamin B French Lodge No. 15 once said that be careful of describing an organization that you don't belong for what you might hear are just hearsay. Truth is what an individual want to believe regardless of facts. When the RCC apologized for its abuses to humanity during Inquisition why it is those victims who were persecuted because of their membership to certain group such as Knight Templar or Freemasonry are not qualified for apology? There is no animosity between Freemasonry and Roman Catholic Church; there is animosity from RCC to our Fraternity--- big difference my dear Brother.

Freemasonry taught to those who would listen to refrain from accepting what seems to be obvious and be knowledgeable to discern that there are messages behind abstract ideas. Hiding in plain sight, seeing with eyes wide shut or squaring the circle are not just metaphors but could mean something to those whose attempting to reach the level of illumination where he truly see the darkness of my soul. “.... Veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols,” many so-called learned members parroted the lectures without understanding the message they delivered, many candidates just sat there with glazed eyed trying not to sleep, some thought its show biz or Oscar award night, but some do think twice and tried to figure out what really is the Craft all about.

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