Thursday, September 20, 2007


by RmOlano

It could be said that a same object could be seen in many colors not just due to the environmental conditions. The selected filter we chose to wear before our vision or pre-conceived ideas which became more or less our belief could play a role in our vision. A single light source then, becomes rainbow of colors after passing through a prism of experience we often called--- life.

It is interesting to read a posting regarding “loyalty” when a pointed question could be brought as to whose side one has to plead “loyalty” to? Who takes priority and deserves closer attention, our local mother Lodge or the more distant, grandeur, and sometimes pompous Grand Lodge?

“...Allow me to congratulate you on your admission into our ancient and honorable Fraternity...” Who spoke those words, who gave the First Degree Charge, where did we hear that expectation? Grand Lodge or mother Lodge?

“Your past regular deportment and up-right conduct have merited the honor which we have conferred.” Who spoke those words, who gave the second Charge, where did we hear that expectation? In our mother Lodge or Grand Lodge?

“Your honor and reputation are concerned in supporting with dignity the respectable character which you now bear.” Who spoke those words, who gave the Third Charge? Where did we hear that expectation, within the legally constituted mother Lodge or Grand Lodge?

After contemplating those questions, we could then add:

Who congratulate us on becoming a Master Mason and as such commended to the kind care, love and protection of all Master Mason withersoever dispersed? In a more impressive sounding but distant Grand Lodge or our humble mother Lodge?

The message of the Loyalty poem by an American writer who perished with his wife in the 1917 ill-fated journey of USS Luisitania caused by a German U-boat was but as clear as crystal however, let us not forget that the start of the poem is “If.” It is a two letter word with so much impact to the rest of the sentence and in this case—poem. What if --- a profound inquiry that would be a subject of interest that can last for eternity. Would it make any difference if the Hubbard’s took the train to see the West or “if” they took a cruise to Japan instead? Would they still be alive to celebrate the Allies victory in WWI? What “if” the man was not worthy of such loyalty and devotion, would the essence of the poem still applies? Benevolent dictatorship whatever color, shape or form one has to be cloak it with—it is still a form of tyranny. For those who value their conscience and moral ethics might take heed to the rest of the poem and that is to choose your side. To shun fence sitting and avoid be like a leaf swinging wherever the prevailing wind happens to blow. The same Elbert Hubbard also said, “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.”

Maybe we need to see another example of what loyalty is all about by taking a note of Isarog Lodge No. 33's history. Had their members plead their loyalty to the Grand Lodges instead of their OWN mother Lodge, I wonder where they at today? Had there was not a unity in this Lodge and individual members choose what Grand Lodge they would be “loyal to,” this Lodge probably disintegrated long time ago. Here is an example of Brotherhood in action, a decision was made, supported, and carried out as a Lodge--- one unit — one body not as an individual star player.

A) As Triangulo “Bicol” No. 64 and then as Logia BICOL (in Ambos Camarines) under the Gran Oriente Español 1891-1896;
B) As Logia LUZ MALAYA under the Gran Oriente Filipino, 1904-1906;
C) As Logia ISAROG No. 378 in Nueva Caceres, Ambos Camarines under the Gran Oriente de Francia in 1906-1915;
D) As Logia ISAROG No. 378 under the Gran Regional de Filipinas of the Gran Oriente Español, 1915-17;
E) As ISAROG LODGE No.33 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, February 13, 1917 - present.

Loyalty like any other lofty notions should be taken in a context, not as generalized human quality. Unlike Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth where application are not limited to certain group of human gender, geo-political association nor as a matter of fact, neither to a so-called brand of Freemasonry. The idea of Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God is a concept that should not be distorted regardless of what kind of filters we choose or happen to wear.


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