Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Journey: IGLPI First Anniversary

by RmOlano

On September 9th a year ago, as a result of various emails exchanged with our Brethren mainly in pinoymasons eGroup created by Brother Willy Francia, moderated by WB Amor Mangosing, WB Jay Orolfo and Bro Jerry Azurin, I patched together the body of the thoughts and called it “Cavite Masons.” The main issue this writer was wondering about was the reasons why some selected Brothers were expelled and the subject of edicts whereby listed “names are to be erased from Masonic records forever” or something to that effect. Noting the time difference and coincidence, the day the article was composed was the day the Independent Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands was formally announced.

It is unnecessary to recapitulate the travel over rough and rugged road toward the place where the IGLPI now stand under the able leadership of the MW Jaime Bantolo and assisted by numerous unnamed Brethren who also shared the experience. The journey is not yet over but rather just started, there are more work to be done, cornerstones to be laid, arches to support and stones awaiting the workmen in the quarry. Though we look for the time, when our spirit will finally rest onboard that Ark anchored within the protected harbor, let us not forget – in the words of our esteemed Brother Alfred Ferrer of Malinaw Lodge No. 25 of San Pablo City , “it is the journey that counts.” It is the journey that makes who we are, not the goal we achieved. It is an endeavor that will test how much Lessons in Freemasonry each one of us learned during the years. A test of not how much power and prestige we accumulated on our way to the purple of the Fraternity but of much we protected our lambskin apron from being soiled on our way to a “more noble cause.” Standing for what we believed, despite what others might think---what kind of Mason we became. It is my humble wish to the visionaries of IGLPI to be vigilant at the time of burning oil in the middle of the night that it is the travel and not the destination that will make lasting legacy of each man and the institution they are building.
With all my sincerity, I thank the Brethren of IGLPI for allowing me to be a part of a great journey. It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege to be invited to IGLPI historic event. With my utmost regret, I would like to ask your forgiveness as your humble brother cannot be of your service due to personal and professional reasons. I am certain that I will miss the warm camaraderie of the Brethren of IGLPI and hearing the wisdom from the message of your speakers. Without criterion, it is my personal loss for not being able to be a part of your celebration. I would like to ask your indulgence to please send my deepest apology to the Grand Master, the Brethren of IGLPI, and in my behalf to "extend my right hand in token of continuance of friendship and Brotherly Love" to our Brothers of the Craft regardless of their jurisdiction.
Congratulations on your First Anniversary.

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