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Katipunan-Made in Spain

Letters and Figures
by RmOlano

As a response to persisting post alleging that U.S. government via CIA created the terrorist Abu Sayaf group, allow me to point out an interesting paradigm of historic proportion.

Spanish Liberals Created Katipunan

The 1866 rebellion led by Spanish General Juan Prim sent a message to Spanish liberals and republicans of serious unrest with the political state of affairs in Spain. Generals Juan Prim and Franco Serrano denounced the government with majority of the army defecting to support the generals. Queen Isabella forces commanded by General Manuel Pavia forces were defeated by rebel forces led by General Serrano. Isabella fled into Paris and retired from Spanish politics, where she would remain until her death in 1904. (Wikipedia).

With this backdrop of revolution and counter revolution, anarchy in between, a system of turnos (like the early GLP GM rigodon de honor) was established in Spain in which the liberals and conservatives alternated control of the government. Both sides trying to sabotage each other to gain control and popularity which resulted in "a degree of stability and economic progress was somewhat restored to Spain during Alfonso XII's rule. His death in 1885, followed by the assassination of Canovas del Castillo in 1897, destabilized the government" (again). (Wikipedia)

During this timeframe, forces sympathetic to rebel cause, nurtured and encouraged natives to raise their voice against the abuse of the repressive regime. Following the example of American and French Revolution against monarchs, men inspired with vision of egalitarian society were not hard to find among the ranks of Freemasons.

In 1888, fleeing from clergy persecution, Marcelo del Pilar arrived in Spain, leaving his family behind. A year later, "he succeeded Graciano Lopez Jaena as editor of the Filipino reformist periodical La Solidaridad in Madrid. Del Pilar promoted the objectives of the paper by communicating with liberal Spaniards who would side with the Filipino cause. As leader of the Propaganda Movement in Spain, he influenced the formation of the Katipunan and historians believe he had a direct hand in its organization because of his role in the Propaganda Movement and his eminent position in Philippine Masonry. Most of the founders of the Katipunan were freemasons. The Katipunan had initiation ceremonies that were copied from masonic rites. It also had an order of rank, similar to that of freemasonry. Rizal's Spanish biographer Wenceslao RetaƱa saw the formation of the Katipunan as Del Pilar's victory over Rizal: La Liga dies, and the Katipunan rises in its place. Del Pilar's plan wins over that of Rizal. Del Pilar and Rizal had the same end, even if each took a different road to it." (Wikipedia)

Cuba led by Freemasons rebelled against Spain, beginning in 1868 and by 1899, Spain lost its remaining New World colonies of Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, Palau, Caroline Islands and Northern Mariana Islands. (Wikipedia)

It was no secret that in Afghanistan, U.S. via CIA helped the mujahadins in their fight against Russian Communist during Cold War era. Was that fact makes U.S. the creator of terrorist groups like Abu Sayaf? For $20Million dollars package deal, United States bought the Philippines from Spain and during the process brought along Thomasites and other stuff the Spaniards choose to "forget." Was that fact makes U.S. the creator of a country which was used to be the envy of South East Asia until some despot dictator and his cronies screwed everyhting up? CIA operations in the Philippines after WW2 is synonymous with names like Edward Lansdale and Ramon Magsaysay. Did the CIA "created" Huk "emergency"to install Magsaysay into Malacanang or Magsaysay needed CIA resources to get into the Palace? Lansdale covert activities is the subject of the book The Unquiet American by Cecil Currey, let us see his story.

There is a distinct difference between propaganda and relaying information, there is a taste separation between jumping ahead of conclusion and blatant lies, and there is a moral and ethical division between hoodwinking oneself and of his Brethren of the Craft. If I may suggest staying with other yahoo group if the agenda is about U.S. bashings—this is not the time nor place … it is rude and ill manner …

BTW, I have a beach front property in Tarlac up for sale for a bargain price. Any takers?

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A response to comments Re: Spanish Liberals Created Katipunan(?)
by RmOlano

It is obvious that our esteemed Brother Ka Pule is more than capable of expressing himself, which he did hence, this author is reluctant to engage in a "moot and academic" issue. However, the willingness of our Brother from Paranaque to speak for someone who dont need such assistance is very notable. Equally impressing is the conviction to speak out as "some parts of the posting needs to be dealt with!" Though tempted not to waste time, this humble writer is compelled not to let our Brother kept on waiting for "supporting document" or something he think forthcoming. Leaving a Brother "hanging" would be rude and ill mannered.

The parenthesis after each paragraph meant the sources of the preceeding materials e.g. (Wikipedia). It is not of the author's. The absence of such symbology meant that the work /writing is the author's composition. The scholastic dissertion in Comment # 2 can thus be directed to Rizal's Spanish biographer named Wenceslao Retana or to the "self respecting historian" of Wikipedia.

The "paper" was never meant to be a thesis and be subjected to academic scrutiny of those who think they have the answer to events of the past or those so-called historians. It was a parody of the idea that CIA created AlQuida/AbuSayaf. If one truly beleived that lunatic assertion, then maybe it is then not too naive to accept the notion of "Spanish liberals creating Katipunan" which, in this case let me offer my beach front property in Tarlac. It is for sale at a bargain price. And for some who got their expertise in history, the location is a historical value since it was the bivouac area of the 1st Filipino Regimental Combat Team which landed with Maj Gen Krueger Corps during Gen MacArthur operations in the Philippines in the waning days of WWII. If you want the details, do not read Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides, it's not there.
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Re: Spanish Liberals Created Katipunan(?)
response#2 RmOlano

One of the early response I received regarding the "Made in Spain" was an inquiry for details of the beach front property in Tarlac. When I explained that the line was the same as "beach front property in Arizona," the Brother replied that he just fell off from his chair and added that he was gone for so long that he already forgotten the Philippines geography. We had a good laugh about the subject for we knew that the article was a joke--a parody of CIA-AlQuida/AbuSayaf story.

Watching a puppy chase its own tail is also funny but when the puppy's mouth starts foaming in its serious attempt to catch the elusive tail, it is time to stop the scene. It is not funny anymore. So here we go again for the last time:

In contemporary usage, a parody (or lampoon) is a work that imitates another work in order to ridicule, ironically comment on, or poke some affectionate fun at the work itself, the subject of the work, the author or fictional voice of the parody, or another subject. (Wikipedia).

A Brother named Marion Morrison aka John Wayne had a line about how hard or tough life we all have, I am not sure if he is also including the dizzy puppy.

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