Saturday, August 04, 2007

Finding The Truth

A paper for Sequoia Council No. 228 (AMD)
by RmOlano
SC#228 (AMD)

How do we get the truth though?—Bro RyanM

"Truth is the divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be good and true is the first lesson we are taught in Masonry." From Lecture of First Degree. The first lesson was the first reply to the question that had been directed to us before we were admitted into Masonic Lodge. How do we know that the answer we gave was true? Who else know that the response to query of sincerity which came from our tongue originated from our heart? Did we contemplated, asked questions and listen to ALL voices—loud and soft, numerous and few, cynical and sympathetic or only to those who are blinded with their conviction?

One Great Lesson that Freemasonry teaches us is that when we embark on a travel to foreign countries to earn our wages, we, as the travelers should have the knowledge and skills beforehand to attempt the journey. The hour of departure is always unknown therefore; it is incumbent for the traveler to be ready when the sand run out within our personal hourglass. To prepare for that momentous journey, the Craft teaches us to search for the real Word. We have to look for “It.” Finding the “It” starts with realizing that something was lost. If a seeker denies this fact---then there is no hope or even sense in starting an expedition of grave importance. A conscientious traveler of time must be continuously in quest of further light to know the Truth, for without it, for without the Word, for being devoid of knowledge of the purpose of existence, one may not receive the expected wages upon arrival to that foreign yet familiar Land. Without fixed destination, a ship without rudder often drifts wherever the predictable water flows and random winds blows.

"How do we know then that what we have lodge in our hearts is the truth," my young Brother once asked--- to this I replied, “Welcome to the club.” Meet a group of mortals seeking for that coveted notion which so many hoodwinked adventurers claimed to possess. Bro Manly Hall once wrote that a true Mason go anywhere to find the truth, "he seek high things in lowly places and find lowly things in high places." Each student of the Craft is embarked in a personal journey, a travel through a rough and rugged road, motivated by the desire to find the answer for that which was lost. What is lost can only be defined by individual seeker, it could be the real instead of substitute word, Holy Grail, a fountain of youth or as "simple" as what is the Truth?

The only way to find what you are searching is to start the journey, do not walk with eyes wide shut, and listen to your heart. For you and only you can decide if you reach the end of your search or believe that what you have is the Truth.


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