Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not Just a Job

By RmOlano
Hanford Lodge No. 279


Piping ashore during retirement ceremony of WB Master Chief Amor Mangosing, USN Ret.

First, let me state that I served honorably in uniform for 21 years and 5 years after that in Federal Service so please understand that flag waving is not an issue. The article about the ritual being conducted publicly at the Tomb of Unknown Soldiers by selected and dedicated soldiers was an example of a reminder to every citizen of this Nation that failed diplomacy is also known as war. When the leaders of nations failed to compromise or settle their differences, common people, mostly from poor families who took jobs in military service are sent to fight war. People were told to kill and die for lofty notion such as freedom and justice. Individual kill and die because they are in a situation where the choice is to kill or be killed. They fought just to survive and to say that they died to defend someone else freedom or justice can always be heard from someone who is still alive trying to find the solace to those who wonder why.

There is no glory in war. The only people who were in peace are those who died, those who survived lived with their nightmares. People who took military active duty employment knows that death comes with the job. They did not “give up” their lives, it was taken and if the truth is to be known, a rational person will prefer to take “it” rather than give “it” up.

Respect is due to those who fell in battles. They did what they were asked of them therefore, it is incumbent to those who send them in harms way not to spent their “employees” lives needlessly. The “job” calls for killing, destroying and being killed and destroyed in return. To those who were fortunate to survived, let them speak to those who think military is another job where one can get “free” college education, “free” health benefit, “free” housing and baby sitting---let these young kids know that raising hand “to defend the Constitution” of this Nation “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” is not an ordinary 9-5 job. It is an endeavor that requires acceptance of policies being made by those will not carry out the business or sharp end of their decision. Often times it is a job which mandates an unquestioning loyalty to the chain of command which justified its actions in the name of ‘National Security.”

Serving in military service is an adventure to itself; it has it own rewards and its own perils. A vocation that swore to defend the Constitution from anybody except from it's own leaders. Ironic that people kill and die for defending an ideal while their leaders openly abused the very same notion. Being subjected to special jurisprudence outside the normal civilian legal procedures, service members must face severe consequences in voicing their own personal opinion in public. Many basic rights that were taken for granted by civilians are not available to service members. Life in military is full of paradox as well as clarity.

The military is the hammer to enforce the country’s interest and guarantee its survival. Defending this Nation is every citizen’s responsibility not just by those who voluntary gave up their rights in exchange of nifty television advertisements which promised everything except the possibility of being maimed or killed. Military service is a "job" that requires an employee to focus what is the situation on hand and allow others to decide ones fate. It is a low paying occupation that will ask them to “give up a lot in life...” ---- literally. This job is Not For Everybody.


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