Thursday, August 31, 2006

Missing Brethren

To The Guy Who Asked To Join

Rudy Olano
Lincoln Lodge No. 34 (Phil)
Hanford Lodge No. 279 (CA)
Sequoia Council No. 228 (AMD)

So there you are standing in a corner,
waiting for someone to talk to you.
You feel awkward to approach and introduce yourself,
hoping someone to drew near you.
You can jump anytime you like, invitation is not required.
Share us your thoughts and feelings,
Your old gray haired brothers were waiting for you to come over.

So there you are sulking in a corner,
waiting for somebody to bring you a cup of coffee.
No bellboys showed up, thinking this treatment is not so impressive.
Lost your desire to attend the next “boring” assembly,
but clever enough for a ruse to test the brothers fidelity.
Nobody asked where have you been,
for it is up to you to make your scene.
Understanding life priorities is an art, not as easy it might seems.
However you arrange it,
your old gray haired brothers knows better not to intervene.

So there you are sitting and watching your new plasma gear,
and maybe rationalizing the excuse of not sitting in northeast corner.
Being amused of the thought of old gray hairs were now worried
for what-his-name failed to show up due to his feeling have been wounded.

Little presumptuous if one would think
that because someone is missing the Craft will ceased to exist.
Would you be interested to know that they are practicing
the notion that you, my sulking friend seems do not comprehend.
It is neither about community service nor raising immature kids,
it is all about building a Temple which obviously you are not interested.

So don’t blame your brothers for faults you my shy friend a party of.
You are unwelcome to demand for answers,
because you do not know what the questions might hold.
Old gray hairs might be were mulling, but you do not have a clue,
as you are not in the Lodge with your brothers, to hear what are the issues.

Mr. Guy picked up his marbles and left the playground in a hurry,
sulking and crying to dear mother for brethren hurt his feelings.
What gives him the right to point accusing finger,
when he should rather be contemplating
how to be a part of a solution instead of the problem.

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